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For those of you that do not know what is this, the simple answer is that is a way of optimizing the trades of games between people.

For example: The normal trade is that Alan wants game B, and Beth wants game A. This trade will only take place if the happy coincidence of Alan having game A and wanting Beth's game B happens. A way to improve this is to take into account the OVERALL offers and wants of everybody. So for example:
Alan offers game A and wants C.
Beth offers game B and wants A.
Chet offers game C and wants B.
A Math Trade will detect this and the outcome will be:
Alan sends game to Beth and receives from Chet.
Beth sends game to Chet and receives from Alan.
Chet sends game to Alan and receives from Beth.
Otherwise, in this situation, with the standard one-to-one way of doing the trade there will be no success at all.
Math Trades are also called No-Risk Trades, as there is no way of trading a game for something you don't like, because once all the offering games are submitted everybody sends their want lists, which can be empty if you like nothing.
This Math Trade is open to anyone in Switzerland. You can benefit from the BasGame event that takes place on the 31st of May in Basel, just after the MT results. In this way, if you come to Basel you will be able to do the trade in person and spare shipping costs. International participants are also welcome, but be aware of extra shipping costs.


  • Starts Wednesday, October 9th
  • Submissions until Monday, October 14th 13:00
  • Want lists due: Wednesday, October 16th, 20:00 
  • Results posted: Friday, October 18th, 10:00 (or before if possible).


  • Games only.
  • 50 items max on each want list.
  • No limit on how many each user can submit (but can not duplicate own game).
  • No duplicates.


  • Rules ACCEPT NO CHANGES. I will learn from any suggestion, though, but I won't change rules while the MT is running.
  • "Sweeteners" are to be listed using a link to the game's page in the BGG. 
  • Traders from all countries are allowed, but the trade will be done in person in Basel-Stadt. No trade via post will be allowed. 
  • You must submit a want list for each game you are offering. If you don't want to trade, submit a blank list.
  • I reserve the right to remove games from the list for whatever reason. If you are on the bad traders list, your games will be removed.
  • Use the related forum thread for questions & discussions of this math trade (though you can post questions on individual items as comments to the specific geeklist item).
  • Do NOT submit games that you have in other Math Trades, nor trade them away if you submitted them to this MT. You will not go to the official bad traders lists, but you will certainly go to MY bad traders list.
  • Do NOT submit want lists until the summary has been posted.
  • The want list must be submitted in the format (being user your name or your BGB username): 

(user) offergamelabel : wantgame1label wantgame2label wantgame3label ...

  • If you finally do not want to trade one of your games submit an empty list:

(user) offergamelabel :

  • Square priorities will be used, trying to maximize likes. So, in your want lists, list first the games you want most.
  • You must accurately describe your game's condition, language, edition, etc.

The format for describing the game condition should be similar to:

Language: German (No/Some/Moderate/Extensive dependence)
Edition: Pegasus Spiele 2nd Ed / Edition of the picture
Condition: New/Like New/Very Goog/Good/Acceptable
Comments: Includes mini-expansion 1 and signed arts. Rules missing.
Shipping: Free within Switzerland / First CHF9 within Switzerland (+ BasGame in person trade)
New - A brand new unused, unopened, and undamaged game in perfect condition.
Like New - Game just removed from shrink wrap. No wear and tear, all facets of the game are intact.
Very Good - Very minimal wear and tear. All game materials are present.
Good - Minor damage to the box and/or its contents. All game materials are present.
Acceptable - Some damage to the box, but the game is still intact. Possible split corner(s) on the box.
Regarding the shipping we encourage to keep shipping within Switzerland free (i.e. paid by the sender). Nevertheless, this is up to you and the size of the package. So you can also offer to pay part of the shipping. Otherwise, if you plan to come to the BasGame and can do the trade in person, it is advisable to mention also this option as (+ BasGame in person trade).
If you are unfamiliar with math trades, please read Lindey's Math Trade Guide at
Trade Resolver: TradeMaximizer with SQUARE-PRIORITIES option.
Note: only errors by the moderator will invalidate the results. You are also responsible for checking the full set of want lists when they are posted as soon as possible (and definitely before the results are posted) for any cut/paste errors.