Swiss Masters 2016

We are happy to invite you to the Swiss Masters 2016, the Swiss qualification tournament for the EuropeMasters Championship. The tournament will take place in Basel on Saturday 18th of June, starting at 11am (QuBa Quartierzentrum, Bachlettenstrasse 12, 4054 Basel).
Join the Swiss Masters 2016 here.

This year the following games will be played:




 Council of Four  Istanbul Ticket to Ride:Europe



About the EuropeMasters Championship

The EuropeMasters Championship is a tournament held once a year during the Spiel in Essen. The best players from each nation come together and challenge each other in 4 games selected from the releases of the previous year (games being considered for 2016). Last year around 130 players from all over Europe were present. This year’s tournament will take place Saturday 15th of October.